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Jim Cooper

"Consistency is the key!"

Washington State University Personal Fitness Trainer and ACE and NSCA Certifications, NAUI Certified Scuba Instructor BS in Biological Sciences

Weight Training, Creating Health & Fitness Goals

Favorite Sports
Skin & Scuba Diving, Skiing

My name is Jim Cooper and very excited to join the team at Duvall Fitness as a Personal Trainer. Presently, I am certified through Washington State University as a Personal Fitness Trainer and ACE and NSCA certifications and I am a NAUI certified scuba instructor.  Additionally,  I two degrees; a BS in Business, a BS in Biological Sciences and have spent several years in the computer industry.

I have had a life-long interest and involvement in fitness and the outdoors. I grew up in a small community in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The area where I grew up is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. I spent my youth working on local farms and ranches. I worked in the woods harvesting timber. I drove trucks, heavy equipment and farm equipment. I lived 40 miles from Lake Tahoe and all the incredible skiing available in that area. I started skiing at Squaw Valley before I was a teen ager and have been skiing since then. Heavenly Valley, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Mount Rose and many other areas around Lake Tahoe and Donner Pass were my stomping/skiing grounds in those days.  I have hiked, hunted and fished all over California, Oregon, Washington and other areas in the Western United States and Alaska. I worked for the US Forest Service as a fire fighter on hot shot, helicopter and tanker crews in the Tahoe and Plumas National Forests in California. Even though “fitness” was not really a consideration at this point in my life, indirectly it played a huge part. You learn the value of eating a good diet, getting plenty of sleep, taking time to recover and paying attention to pain!! You also learn that fitness has a direct bearing on how well you live your life and how effective you are at your job. These are all the same principles that we apply to a healthy and fit lifestyle today...

Nicole Pitts

"Strive for progress, not perfection."

N.A.S.M. (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, CPR and AED Certified

Aerobics + Positive attitude

Favorite Sports
Track & Soccer

My name is Nicole is Nicole Pitts. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for most of my life and, since I’m not a young chick any more, it’s been awhile!

For as long as I can remember, my goal has been to stay fit and encourage others to do the same. I attended college in the mid 80′s in Santa Barbara, California. While going to school I became a certified fitness instructor with the Santa Barbara YMCA. Throughout the remaining 80′s and 90′s, I carried an I.D.E.A. certification and taught various fitness classes.

In 1993, I gave birth to my first daughter. After battling the “post-partum” blues for several months, the necessity of being holistically fit became apparent. I realized that the more active I was, by going to the gym, playing sports, taking walks or runs, combined with a good diet made all the difference. In 1999, I was able to teach aerobics right up until my due date with my second daughter. I felt great, had a lot of energy, and accomplished more in a day that I ever could before. The decision to consciously maintain my well-being has continued to keep me balanced both physically and emotionally ever since...

Trainer photos by Michael Moore Photography www.mrpix.com