Elaine B.

“I woke up one day at 50 years old and going through menopause. It seemed like over night my mid-section went from somewhat presentable to resembling the Michelin man. When I waved to people my arms waved back like a bowl of jello. I went to my doctor for some advice. She said “it’s your age, deal with it, and take these pills”. I got home and shredded the prescription. I decided I was going to deal with this without medical intervention. Then I got a mailer from Fit Camp. I have been working with these awesome trainers since then and have improved my life, and looks, I feel, for the better. I look the best I have in my whole adult life. Better than my 40’s, 30’s and even my 20’s. And I feel the most healthy, most energetic and even sleep better than I ever have before. All you women out there who think you have to accept that getting older has to be an ugly thing, think twice! I am comfortable wearing a bikini for the first time in a very long time. I could not have done this without Fit Camp. Don’t wait to feel this amazing. Thank you all!”