Kathi D.

“In 2013 after getting a bad case of acid reflux, I knew something had to change. This was my body telling me something was not right! I needed motivation and help getting back into an exercise routine and an online search led me to Fit Camp in Woodinville. The best way to describe Fit Camp is PERSONAL training because your fitness goal is their goal. Fit Camp is a fun, positive and challenging place to workout. The trainers are motivating and will hold you accountable. You workout one-on-one during a time that works best for you. I have lost weight, lowered my body fat and incorporated healthy eating back into my life.* It has been very rewarding to have more energy and feel happier and healthier.

Recently I have been focusing on running. I have never been a runner and it seemed like great way to stay in shape and burn calories. I remember the Saturday that my personal trainer, Mikey told me to hop on the treadmill and run a mile. I was nervous, did not have a lot of confidence and did not want to be embarrassed by how slow I ran. Mikey was very supportive and said, “You can only improve from here,” and, “I will be standing right by your side.” Step by step together we have set and achieved goals of becoming faster and increasing my endurance. This past Saturday I ran for an entire hour! I have been smiling the whole week.
Things I thought would never happen were becoming status quo. I used to look at people running on the treadmill and think, “If only I could do that.” Well now I can! For me, being at Fit Camp has been an empowering journey. I am excited to see what I can accomplish in the coming months. If you want to get started on a fitness goal, invest in personal training, invest in yourself and invest in Fit Camp!” *
Thanks Zach and Mikey!