A simple but awesome gym. Their prices are great, even with unlimited classes and childcare. They are very kind and go out of their way to make sure you get a good workout.
Jennifer Martin
The staff here is amazing! They ensure I get a great workout, while my kids are in the kid zone, and I can focus on nothing but my work out. Everyone supports you in your goals! With it being a local gym everyone knows everyone and it is always a great atmosphere to be in. On days when I am literally dragging myself to the gym, by the end of my work out I am so glad I went.
Lindsey Adams
I'm new to the area, having migrated from Southern Claifornia. I really like this gym. The owner and all the staff have been very friendly with me since they met me. The staff at the counter make the effort to say hi and bye when I come and go. It's nice to be noticed and not just be treated like an account number. I've tried a handful of the classes, like zumba, another dancing class, and one with hand weights. The instructors are very friendly and encouraging. For a small town gym, they have a very fair number of cardio equipment and weight racks (although I don't do weights). I never see people waiting to use the machines. They also provide towels, and have locker rooms for changing and showers. Very recommended.
Aaron Stogner